Will Kybella Permanently Get Rid of My Double Chin?


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If you have a double chin, it may feel like there’s nothing you can do to get rid of it. Fortunately, that’s not the case – FDA-approved Kybella injections for double chin reduction help get rid of fat tissue that’s localized underneath the chin and around the jawline.

People who experience Kybella injections love their results, but there’s always one lingering question: Will Kybella permanently get rid of my double chin?

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Kybella Results Can Be Permanent…

But there’s a caveat associated with this promise.

Like any non-surgical or surgical body contouring procedure (yes, even liposuction), results are only permanent if the patient commits to following healthy habits. While Kybella can permanently destroy some existing fat cells, it can’t prevent the enlargement of any remaining ones. That means if you have a poor diet or take any medications that could increase your body fat, you may see your double chin appear again.

So what’s the best way to ensure your Kybella results stick around for good?

How to Maintain Your Kybella Results

There are a few ways you can maintain your new Kybella results, including:

  • Get plenty of exercise. Invest in a gym routine that you’ll want to stick to. From going on head-clearing runs to trying out the latest and greatest classes, exercise is just another piece of the fat-prevention puzzle.
  • Invest in better skin care. While skincare routines can’t prevent the formation of new fat cells within the submental tissue, it can help you maintain smoother and younger-looking skin. Sagging skin can often exacerbate the appearance of a double chin, so it’s worth investing in some key skincare products or go for regular facials and skin-tightening treatments.
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