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Tummy Tuck

Pregnancy and weight loss create troublesome fatty tissue and loose skin around the midsection, permanent stretch marks, and lax abdominal wall musculature.  Tummy tuck surgery is an option to correct these problems.  According to RealSelf, tummy tucks have a 96% “worth it” rating amongst its community members.

Tummy Tuck Irvine

*Individual results may vary.


In a tummy tuck, also known as abdominoplasty, the excess skin and fatty tissue between the belly button and pubic bone are completely removed, and the underlying abdominal wall muscles (rectus abdominis muscles) are tightened with sutures, which directly pulls in the waist and flattens the tummy.  The incision is kept low so that underwear and bikini bottoms conceal it.  Dr. Song employs liposuction in addition to all tummy tuck surgeries to further refine the waistline and produces a smooth, curving transition to the hip.  Many patients also choose to have liposuction of the back and flank to maximize the aesthetic result. Dr. Song’s tummy tuck patients are among his most satisfied and often see the most dramatic results.  This surgery gives equally excellent results to both men and women.


Determining whether or not you should get a tummy tuck is ultimately up to you and your plastic surgeon. Having a consultation with Dr. Song might be the best route to go so he can analyze your body and make individualized recommendations based on his findings.

Individuals who have recently lost a significant amount of weight and need reshaping of the abdominal region will also benefit from a tummy tuck even if their core musculature is not stretched. The excess and hanging skin and fat will be removed to restore a sleek abdominal contour.

Women who have recently delivered babies will quickly discover that nine months of gestation can wreak havoc on their tummies. The muscles that line the abdominal wall are stretched to their limits during pregnancy, and after the baby is delivered it can be downright uncomfortable not to have strength and support in that area. Dr. Song can restore your firm, lean tummy in no time with a tummy tuck.


Dr. Song will create an individualized plan to give you the results you’ve been dreaming of. Most tummy tuck procedures are done in conjunction with liposuction, it just depends on what your goals are and what Dr. Song recommends. Keep in mind that a tummy tuck reduces the circumference of the waist, but does nothing to reduce the size of hips, flanks, and thighs. When done alone, a tummy tuck can yield an unbalanced look, but adding liposuction to the procedure can improve the contour of each of these areas and can produce a flattering and natural appearance.

Dr. Song will also discuss the difference between a full tummy tuck and a mini tummy tuck. A full tummy tuck removes excess tissue and tightens the entire abdominal wall, while a mini tummy tuck focuses on the lower portion of the abdomen below the belly button and uses smaller incisions.


The recovery period after an abdominoplasty takes anywhere from two to four weeks, and Dr. Song will give you detailed instructions for each step of the recovery.


Men often struggle with extra skin and fat around the waist regardless of their adherence to an exercise routine. Male abdominoplasty achieves a flatter and firmer abdomen by removing the extra tissue in the lower abdomen. The incision is kept below the underwear line so that it’s easily concealed. Many patients also choose to have liposuction of the back and hips to maximize the aesthetic result.

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*Individual results may vary.


If you’re looking to achieve a flatter, more toned abdomen, a Tummy Tuck may be for you. Please contact Kyle Song M.D. to set up a consultation by calling (949) 701-4454 or by completing our convenient online request form. Dr. Song will work closely with you to develop a surgical plan designed to deliver the look you want. Kyle Song M.D. serves the Irvine & Orange County, CA areas.

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