How Long is Recovery From a Tummy Tuck?


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Are you interested in undergoing a tummy tuck, but not sure if you have the time or the inclination to go through all that recovery?

We don’t blame you. Since a tummy tuck – also known as an abdominoplasty – procedure is an intensive and invasive surgery, that means you will need to take some time out from your schedule to recover.

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But, as it turns out, you might not need to take as much time as you initially thought.

How Long Does it Take to Recover in Total?

In general, you should anticipate a recovery period from three to four weeks. That doesn’t mean you’ll need to be laying on your couch for the entire period of time. In fact, in most cases, you can return to work after the first week (two if you work in a more physical job). You’ll be able to enjoy light fitness activities by then and resume your more intense workout routine by week 4, depending on Dr. Song’s recommendations.

The results of your tummy tuck procedure should be visible around this time; however, your final results usually take about six months to materialize. Don’t worry, most of your swelling will be gone after a couple of weeks, but it’ll take a few months before you see your permanent results.

The best way to ensure that your tummy tuck recovery goes smoothly is to follow Dr. Song’s post-op recommendations. You’ll receive these recommendations during your consultation, before the surgery, and after. Your post-op recovery is personalized to you, so you can ensure that you’re healing in a happy and healthy manner.

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