What is the Recovery Time for a Neck Lift?


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By now, you probably know that the neck lift procedure is an excellent choice for people who have a lot of skin sagging around their jawline and neck.

But do you know how long it takes to actually recover from a neck lift procedure?

Consider the mystery solved, because we’ve got the inside scoop on the recovery time for a neck lift, including what you can expect right after your treatment.

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What Is the Average Recovery Time for a Neck Lift

While every patient is different, most people can expect to return to work after one week of recovery. Additionally, patients can return to their normal activities within two weeks after surgery, including their gym routine.

A neck lift is a surprisingly low-hassle cosmetic procedure to incorporate into the busiest of schedules. If you’ve been considering undergoing a neck lift but have been holding back because you’re worried about a lengthy recovery, worry no more; as you can see, neck lift recovery can be short and sweet!

What Can I Expect After My Neck Lift?

For the first few days after your neck lift procedure, you’ll need to wear a supportive chin strap. This strap acts as a compression garment around the neck, thus helping to reduce signs of bruising and swelling. You may also have a small cannula attached to your neck for the first 48 hours after surgery; this cannula promotes drainage to help expedite your healing time.

Your neck will probably feel tight for a few weeks after your surgery, but this is completely normal. You may also see some minor swelling for a month or two after your neck lift. Final results are usually visible about two to three months after surgery, and include a contoured, younger-looking neck, with less sagging and fewer wrinkles.

What is the Average Cost of a Neck Lift?

The average cost of a neck lift is about $6,000, according to the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery. This cost may not include surgical fees, general anesthesia, and prescription medication costs.

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