How Can I Reduce Unwanted Fat on My Body?


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songsculpsureblog2The holiday season means it’s time for lots of friends, family, and food – lots of food.  Between Thanksgiving dinner, holiday parties, and Christmas meals, you’re probably already preparing yourself to enjoy the most delicious foods of the season.

But if you’re already concerned about unwanted fat, you might be worried about the excess of the holiday season.  No matter how much you diet and exercise, you just can’t seem to get rid of the stubborn bulges that cling to your stomach and flanks.

If the above sounds familiar, it might be time to schedule a SculpSure consultation at Song Plastic Surgery in Irvine!

SculpSure For Unwanted Fat

Serving the greater Orange County area, Song Plastic Surgery is the premier destination for patients who are looking for non-invasive solutions to fat reduction.  SculpSure is the first FDA-approved laser treatment that quickly contours excess fat in the abdomen and flanks.  SculpSure is so fast, in fact, that a single session takes just 25 minutes to perform!

Clinical trials have shown that patients who undergo SculpSure treatments see up to a 24% reduction in fat loss.  This fat loss occurs over a period of eight to twelve weeks, as the body’s metabolic processes remove the destroyed fat cells.  All surrounding tissue is left healthy and intact, making SculpSure a great treatment for patients looking for minimal pain and recovery from lipolysis.

What Can I Expect from SculpSure?

During your Song Plastic Surgery consultation, Dr. Song will meet with you to discuss what areas of the body you’d like to treat with SculpSure.  The procedure itself will take only 25 minutes to administer; additionally, up to four areas can be treated at the same time for maximum results.  The number of sessions you may need depends on your ideal results.

There’s minimal discomfort associated with the procedure; additionally, there’s no downtime, so you can return to your daily activities.

SculpSure at Song Plastic Surgery

Say goodbye to unwanted fat this holiday season with SculpSure! Schedule your consultation with Dr. Song at Song Plastic Surgery in Irvine, California today!

Your journey begins here, today.

At Song Plastic Surgery, our compassionate team is standing by to answer all of your questions. We can’t wait to find out how we can make you look on the outside how you feel on the inside. Contact us today to schedule an appointment, or to learn more.

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