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Patients searching for a credible doctor usually have a checklist noting what they want out of their plastic surgeon. They want to be sure the plastic surgeon they choose is experienced, knowledgeable, and is recognized by his or her professional peers.  Some even decide they have to have a board-certified plastic surgeon because that certification signifies the hard work and dedication of the doctor to the plastic surgery industry.

We are pleased to announce Dr. Kyle Song has recently earned his Board Certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS).  This professional organization awards Certifications to plastic surgeons who are committed to excellent patient care, advancing innovative aesthetic techniques, and continuing to further research in the aesthetics industry.

The American Board of Plastic Surgery looks at the follow criteria to determine if a candidate is qualified for Board Certification:

  • Code of Ethics:  Candidates must have a proven history of moral and ethical standards and behaviors within the aesthetics industry.  As a plastic surgeon, Dr. Song is committed to providing patients with the most excellent care and quality of service possible.  All patients are given the individualized care and attention they need, which ensures ideal results.
  • Education:  Candidates must have demonstrated academic excellence in their respective undergraduate and medical schools.  Additionally, candidates must have completed extensive training and residencies.
  • Training:  Candidates must be willing to undergo prerequisite training and comprehensive courses issued by the ABPS.  These courses culminate in an examination, which the candidate must pass in order to receive his or her Board Certification.

In addition to receiving his Board Certification upon passing the ABPS examination, Dr. Song has been appointed a Diplomat of the Board.  This means that he will play a crucial role in helping the Board achieve its vital missions and goals in the upcoming year.

To learn more about Dr. Song or to schedule a consultation for a cosmetic procedure, contact Dr. Song at (949) 701-4454.

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