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The nose is often named as the number one feature that people would most like to change about their faces.  This isn’t surprising, considering that rhinoplasty continues to be one of the most popular surgical procedures to date.  Rhinoplasty – or more commonly referred to as “the nose job” – is a procedure that corrects and reshapes the nose to produce a more aesthetically pleasing shape.

If you’ve considered undergoing a rhinoplasty procedure, it’s important to assess your viability as a candidate.  At Song Plastic Surgery in Irvine, California (also serving the greater Orange County area), Dr. Kyle Song uses the following assessment to determine if a patient is a good candidate for rhinoplasty:

  • Do you have a bump along the bridge of your nose?  This is perhaps the most common complaint that leads to rhinoplasty.  Dr. Song can shave off or modify the bump so that it’s less prominent.  Dr. Song can also modify a drooping tip, which often occurs with a bumpy nose.
  • Are you embarrassed by how wide your nose is in general?  If you have an overly wide bridge or have a thick nasal tip, Dr. Song can help shape the nose so that it’s not as wide and prominent.
  • Are you distracted by the upper bridge of your nose?  Does it seem too flat, or underdeveloped?  Dr. Song can reshape this area to make the nose more seamless and shapely.
  • Do you have a bulbous tip?  Many people are happy with the overall shape of their nose, but they have a bulbous tip that’s highly distracting. Dr. Song can shave off the tip and refine it so that it fits in with the rest of the nose’s shape.
  • Do you have a hard time breathing through your nose?  Genetic traits or nasal abnormalities can make it difficult for you to breathe through your nose, which can also cause embarrassment about its appearance.  If this is the case, Dr. Song can perform a septorhinoplasty to correct your nasal passages and reshape the nose.

To learn more about your candidacy for rhinoplasty and other surgical procedures, schedule a consultation with Dr. Song at Song Plastic Surgery in Irvine, California (also serving the greater Orange County areas). (949) 701-4454

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