Do Certain Breast Implants Last Longer Than Others?

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If you’re interested in undergoing breast augmentation, you probably already know that there are a lot of decisions you need to make along the way. For example, do you know what size implants you’d like to go for? Have you researched silicone vs. saline implants? Have you gone for your breast augmentation consultation yet?

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But maybe there’s one question that’s really tough to find the answer to:

Do Certain Breast Implants Last Longer Than Others?

Don’t worry if you have a lot of questions – that’s a good thing! Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Kyle Song will work with you during breast augmentation consultation to ensure that all of your questions are answered.

With regards to the longevity of one type of breast implant over another, there’s really no straightforward answer (bummer). In general, most breast implant manufacturers (regardless of whether its saline or silicone implants) warranty their implants for life, but they are likely not going to last that long. Despite their significantly improved construction, there’s no guarantee that your implant won’t rupture, leak, or need to be replaced for a medical reason, though it shouldn’t be within the first 10 years.

Here’s How to Make Your Implants Last

Want to ensure your breast implants last for as long as possible? Take a look at these quick tips on how to make your implants last:

  • Carefully follow Dr. Song’s post-op recovery advice, as a healthy recovery can really help extend the life of a breast implant.
  • Quit smoking permanently. While you’re required to give up smoking before your procedure, it’s a good idea to kick the habit for good, especially if you want to minimize health complications with your implants.
  • Ask plenty of questions during your breast augmentation consultation. Dr. Song will ensure that you pick the right breast implant type and size for your body shape, which can help preserve the life of your implants.

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