Body Lift After Weight Loss: Here’s What To Expect


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Body-Lift-After-Weight-Loss-Here-s-What-To-Expect-Dr-Kyle-Song-Irvine-caYou did it!

Through consistent diet, exercise, and commitment to leading a healthier lifestyle, you lost a significant amount of weight. As a result, you’re feeling lighter, more fit, and ready to take on the world.

But there’s one thing holding you back from feeling as confident as you’d like – drooping, sagging skin after your weight loss.

Your Skin After Weight Loss

No matter what your age, sagging skin is an expected part of major weight loss. If you’re losing a significant amount of weight, your skin’s elasticity might not be able to keep up with your weight loss. That means your skin becomes baggy, which could make you feel even more self-conscious about your body image.

Fortunately, a body lift after weight loss is the most effective way to eliminate sagging skin so you can appreciate your new body shape. The body lift – also referred to as “body contouring” – removes excess fat and skin to improve the shape of the body. Additionally, underlying muscles are tightened to enhance these improvements.

Body lifts typically are a mash of multiple procedures, including any or all of the following:

• Face lift
• Breast lift or augmentation
• Thigh lift
• Arm lift
• Tummy tuck or lift

In each procedure, your plastic surgeon will make incisions in the treatment area and pull muscles to achieve a tighter, more streamlined shape. Once muscles are in their new shape, the plastic surgeon pulls skin and stitches up the incisions. Excess skin is removed to complement the tightened muscles.

Body lift after a major weight loss is one of the best ways to eliminate sagging skin, which could pose a health risk. Some health insurance companies may cover all or parts of the procedure; check with your policy holder to determine if you’re eligible for coverage.

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