Real Song Plastic Surgery patient; After 1 treatment; Woman with a lifelong history of cellulite dimples. Runs in her family. Never responded to any other treatment until...Click here for more details
Real Song Plastic Surgery patient, after 1 treatment; Refused to wear a swimsuit all her adult life. Now she is able to wear whatever she...Click here for more details
Real Song Plastic Surgery Patient, after 1 treatment; Embarrassed to wear spandex as her cellulite even showed right through. She now wears her favorite yoga pants and...Click here for more details
Real Song Plastic Surgery patient; after 1 treatment Couldn't wear her favorite swimsuit. One Cellfina treatment and now she loves going to her favorite...Click here for more details
Real Song Plastic Surgery Patient; After 1 treatment.Click here for more details
A Real South Coast Plastic Surgery patient that refused to wear shorts until now because of her...Click here for more details
Real South Coast Plastic Surgery patient was uncomfortable wearing swimsuits because of the cellulite on her outer buttock and thighs. Now she is more comfortable than ever after just one...Click here for more details
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