Corrective ear surgery may be performed on large and protruding ears, or earlobes that have been stretched, torn, or gauged.  Oversized, prominent ears can be a serious source of angst for school-aged children, and often make us feel self-conscious.  Otoplasty can be performed anytime after the age of five (when the ear is approximately 85% of adult size), and through a variety of techniques creates a natural shape and position of the ear.


Ear surgery is performed to correct prominent ears and is usually done under general anesthesia, and procedures to fix deformed earlobes are usually done in the office under local anesthesia alone.


After surgery for prominent ears, a head wrap is left in place for four to five days to protect the ears from external trauma during the critical healing period.  After the wrap is removed, a band is worn at night only for the next two weeks.  Contact sports may be resumed in six weeks.

After earlobe repair surgery, there is no head wrap or activity restriction other than avoidance of contact sports for six weeks, and lobes may be pierced in six weeks.


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