Breast Revision

Patients with breast implant related problems after surgery present with unique challenges that need to be evaluated individually. Dr. Kyle Song takes the time to examine each patient in detail, followed by a discussion about the breast reconstruction plan with the patient in order to create realistic goals and objectives from the revisional breast surgery procedure.

Problems that arise from breast implant procedures include the following:

Capsular contracture deformities result from excessive scar tissue formation around the implant (the capsule) producing pain, firmness, hardness and implant malposition.

-Implant position deformities can result from poor surgical technique, capsular contracture and breast lift (mastopexy) related issues.  These can include “bottoming out” of the implant below the normal inframammary fold,  breast shape asymmetries, medial displacement of the implants resulting in synmastia or loss of normal cleavage dimensions with the implants touching each other in the midline, and finally lateral displacement of the implants leaving the implants to far to the lateral sides of the chest.

-Deflated saline or leaking silicone implants can produce significant breast shape asymmetries, as well as capsular contractures resulting from the silicone leakage.

Determining the proper diagnosis is crucial in producing successful surgical outcomes in all of these difficult cases.  It is highly recommended to choose a board certified plastic surgeon with significant experience in treating these complex breast revision problems, like Dr. Kyle Song. Schedule a consultation today to discuss your unique situation.