Illusio Augmented Reality

Illusio uses the latest in augmented reality technology to offer you an accurate picture of what your body will look like after breast augmentation surgery. You no longer need to worry that you may be disappointed with the outcome of your surgery. Illusio takes the guessing out of the process to allow you to decide with confidence what surgery is right for you.


Because there are many different sizes and types of implants, there could be several options for you to consider. With Illusio, you now have the opportunity to work with your surgeon to evaluate each option on your own body. Move side-to-side and see how they move with you. You’ll be able to see your whole face and body in the image to determine which option fits your body the best.


Surgery is a big decision and you may need time to decide on the right look for you. Illusio allows you the flexibility to experience the app in the privacy of your own home. Our patients say that taking the time to share their images with their spouse or a friend significantly helped them decide on the look that was right for them.