How Much Does a Rhinoplasty Cost?


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If you’re interested in rhinoplasty surgery, then chances are you’ve done your homework.

Rhinoplasty – more casually referred to as a nose job – is an in-demand surgical procedure that can correct nasal deformities and cosmetic issues that may prevent patients from feeling as confident as they deserve. With sky-high success rates, it’s no wonder rhinoplasty surgery is the third-most popular cosmetic surgery in the United States.

Ready to take that leap, but want to make sure it fits your budget first? Let’s take a closer look at how much rhinoplasty surgery may cost you.

National Average: How Much Does a Rhinoplasty Cost?

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons estimates that the average cost of rhinoplasty surgery is $5,350. Keep in mind that this cost doesn’t include necessities like:

  • Surgical center fees
  • General anesthesia costs
  • Prescription medications
  • And more

Let’s take a closer look at other factors that may influence your rhinoplasty surgery costs.

Breaking Down Your Rhinoplasty Costs

In addition to the above national average, your rhinoplasty costs may be influenced by:

  • The experience levels of your plastic surgeon
  • The cost-of-living index where you’re located
  • The type of rhinoplasty procedure you need

Why You Should Avoid “Discounted” Rhinoplasty Surgery

If you’re watching your budget, you may be tempted to get rhinoplasty surgery from a plastic surgeon that’s offering a discount. 

In most cases, it’s worth steering clear, as that “discount” could actually end up costing you more in the long run. Discounted surgery could lead to less-than-pleasing results (meaning you’ll have to spend more on revision surgery), or it could quite literally put your health and well-being in danger. 

Instead, find a board-certified plastic surgeon with an extensive portfolio of rhinoplasty results that look close to what you want.

“For those of you looking to make a positive change to your appearance look no further! I have always had breathing problems and discussed my options with many, many doctors trying to find the right one. As soon as I met Dr. Kyle Song I immediately felt comfortable and felt that he listened carefully to my goals. The staff was absolutely wonderful and I was actually pinching myself that I had found the best plastic surgeon in all of Orange County. There are a lot of doctors in this area and most were arrogant, uncaring or in some cases just plain weird. Dr. Song is a very down to earth doctor and I really like him as a person. To add to that he is also a brilliant and superb surgeon. I decided I wanted him to handle my Septoplasty surgery and discussed with him my desire to look a little better and why not make improvements while I was under anesthesia. Even at 55 it’s never too late to make changes to yourself! I was not a bad looking guy to start with but did not like the look of my nose. After talking with Dr. Song about my goals he listened very carefully and gave me some options. I felt that he really understood what I was trying to achieve and his confidence that he could help me was very reassuring. Septoplasty/Rhinoplasty is an art and you want to make sure you pick the right doctor. I met many doctors that supposedly specialize in this procedure and I liked Dr. Song the best. He is an expert! Not a lot of guys post reviews about their nose jobs so you may not see many on his site but trust me…he is an excellent extremely skilled surgeon! Surgery day everything went like clock work. The staff was terrific and made me feel comfortable right away. Post surgery they went out of their way to make sure I was always comfortable. It was pain free! To be honest it was really world class medical care! Here I am 5 days after surgery and I just got packing removed from my nose and splint removed. I can breathe better than I ever have and am very happy with my appearance! The results are everything and more than I was promised. I am absolutely thrilled with how I look and it will only get better as swelling totally goes down over the next several months. I have done my best to describe my experience but words are insufficient to express my heart felt gratitude and relief that God led me to such a wonderful doctor and loyal staff!” *

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